• October 18, 2018
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    HOW TO JOIN 478

     Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining IATSE Local 478

     Employing the philosophy of “strength in numbers”, Local 478 is always looking to organize talented new members. There are a few requirements in order to apply for membership.

    First, an applicant must be a resident in our jurisdiction of Louisiana, Southern Mississippi and Mobile, Alabama for at least 18 months and be able to show proof of it. They must be able to prove 45 days paid professional experience in one of the crafts or arts we represent within any 18 month time frame. Proof of those days can be made in the form of paycheck stubs with the applicant’s name and the craft they performed clearly printed on them. After an applicant has provided the above, they will be provided with an application packet. To complete the application packet, the initiation fee must be included. The application will then be reviewed by our Membership Committee and voted on by the membership.

         Upon meeting requirements needed to complete the entire application process, an applicant must then be approved by a majority of the members present at the meeting in which you are balloted upon and by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, The Artists, The Allied Crafts of the United States, its Territories, Canada.

         In addition to the application process there is also a fee of $550.00. This fee is split between $100 for the international processing fee (which in non-refundable) and $450 dollars for the initiation fee (which is refundable if for some unfortunate reason you are not able to become a member or you change your mind).  These fees must be paid-in-full by the stated deadline to be eligible for the vote.

    If you intend to transfer, you must call your current Local and ask them to send a transfer card on your behalf to our Local office. You will continue to remit your quarterly dues to your current Local until you are voted into Local 478. If you are an IA member, you must contact our Business Agent, Cory Parker, to request a permit for each production you wish to work on until the date of your initiation into 478.

    Thank You,

    Local 478


    Mar 24, 2017

    Application Process

    Below are the items needed to complete the first part of the application process. 

    You must provide a Vehicle Registration and one (1) of the following Primary Documents:

    • Copy of your LA, MS, or AL Driver’s License (State ID’s are not acceptable)

    •Copy of Voters’ Registration Card

    •Copy of Current Concealed Weapons Permit issued by the State Police

    •Copy of Parish or County Homestead Exemption

    •Copy of mortgage document or deed to property (RESIDENTIAL ONLY)

    •Copy of Selective Service Notification

    •Copy of W-2 forms for 2 years showing current address

    We will accept these items only to help establish that you have been living in our jurisdiction for 18 months. These documents only help to prove 18 months. They are not primary documents.

    •Bank statements showing date opened and current bank statement

    •Home, renters, car, or flood insurance policy

    •Phone/utility/cable bills showing when opened and last billing statement

    •Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama State Identification Cards

    You must prove the 45 working days of experience in your craft:

    Provide 45 days verification for each craft category and classification specified on the Local 478 questionnaire (i.e. COPIES of pay stubs, call sheets, or an employment verification and paystub within one calendar year). Please do not send us originals.Those who are currently IA members in another Studio Mechanics Local or those who are transferring from another Studio Mechanics Local or Hollywood Motion Picture Craft Specific Local must provide copy of current Local Union Membership Card or letter specifying initiation date at that Local and your craft(s).

     The Rest of the Process:                                                             

    Once these are completed and you have completed the second part of the application, it will be reviewed by a Board of Committee Members (each a member of the Local 478). After this review the application will then be voted upon by the attending members of the specified membership meeting. During the week following the meeting, applicants will be notified of their status. Once notified, the applicant must take the Oath within 1 quarter (90 days/3 months) otherwise the application will be closed and the applicant must start over.

    Download: Application Checklist.docx2018.pdf

    Mar 24, 2017

    Download: Change-of-Address-census-card-form.pdf , International App Example Only.pdf , AppPack.pdf

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