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    Posted On: Aug 01, 2017
    Phil LoCicero

    Enforcement of rules and conditions of this Local, Committee Appointment

    Email: locic696@yahoo.com
    Phone: 504-486-2192 office Ext.104
    Vice President
    Suzanne Chambliss

    Recording Secretary, Member Training and Education Programs

    Email: SCHAMBLISS@iatse478.org
    Phone: 504-486-2192 office
    Business Agent
    Cory Parker

    Contract Negotiations & Administration, Dealings with Employers, Grievances, Steward Appointment

    Email: cparker@iatse478.org
    Phone: 504-486-2192 office Ext.102
    Assistant Business Agent
    Dawn Arevalo

    Contract Administration & Compliance, Dealings with Employers, Grievances, Steward Appointment, Safety

    Email: darevalo@iatse478.org
    Phone: 504 486-2192 Office Ext.107
    Secretary Treasurer
    Chandra Miller

    Financial Reporting, Correspondence Records, Compliance with State/Federal/Local Guidelines, Member Records for Initiation/Expulsions/WIthdrawals

    Email: sect@iatse478.org
    Phone: 504-486-2192 Office Ext.103
    Compliance Auditor
    Billy Collins

    Production Audits and Invoices

    Email: bcollins@iatse478.org
    Phone: Phone: 504 486-2192 Office Ext.111
    Compliance/Production Auditing & AP/AR Asst
    Alan Fetzer

    Steward Refunds, Work Assessments, Sec/Treasurer Asst, Accounts Payable, Receivables, Member Payments, and Dues Stamps.

    Email: afetzer@iatse478.org
    Phone: 504-486-2192 Office Ext.105
    Media Coordinator / Benefits Assistant
    Shira Landman

    Media Coordinator: WebMaster & Media Relation, Branding & Advertising, Events & Sponsors

    Benefits Assistant: Health and Welfare, Annuity and Pension under the IA Guidelines & Rules

    Email: slandman@iatse478.org
    Phone: 504-486-2192 Office Ext.106
    Membership Assistant
    Rachel Massa

    Reception, Application Processing, Member Information Update, and Website Assistance.

    Email: rmassa@iatse478.org
    Phone: 504-486-2192 Office Ext.101
    Information Specialist
    Cecile Burr

    Member and Production Data Entry and Research

    Email: cburr@iatse478.org
    Phone: 504 486-2192 Office
    Wayne Softley Sr

    Phone: 504-733-7038
    Executive Board Members at Large

    James Trapper McEvoy , Allen Parks Jr, Mike Robillard

    Welfare Committee
    The committee members are:

     James Trapper McEvoy trapperjpm@gmail.com

    Suzanne Chambliss SCHAMBLISS@iatse478.org 

    Dawn Arevalo darevalo@iatse478.org 

    Shira Landman slandman@iatse478.org

    Charles Wright PWRIGHTRESOURCES1@gmail.com

    Phil LoCicero LoCic696@yahoo.com

    Building Board Committee

    The committee members are:


    Joseph "Joey" Gbur LAKERFAN@HOTMAIL.COM

    Randall "Randy" Coe REELSETS2@AOL.COM

    William "Bill" McCord BMCCORD478@GMAIL.COM

    James "Trapper" McEvoy TRAPPERJPM@GMAIL.COM

    Nicholas "Nick" Nicolay NICKNICOLAY@GMAIL.COM

    Charles "Q-Tip" Walker CHARLES.WALKER0984@GMAIL.COM


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